Corporeal Continuum

Dorota Buczkowska, Tatiana CzekalskaLeszek Golec (Czekalska + Golec), Magdalena Moskwa, Basia Sokołowska i Izabela Żółcińska

Curated by: Lena Wicherkiewicz

04.06 – 03.07.2014 Wozownia Gallery, Toruń, PL

Human skin is a kind of membrane, a sensitive interface between the spiritual interior and the world outside. Skin is a limit of carnality and a sill of subjectivity but it is also a fruitful metaphor.

The skin used to be a leitmotiv of the “corporeal project”. The exhibition presents diverse aspects of carnality which shows up in the invited artists’ works. They deal with issues of sensuous perception (Dorota Buczkowska and Izabela Żółcińska), bodily metaphors and metonymies (Magdalena Moskwa and Basia Sokołowska) and compassion on the corporeal level (Czekalska + Golec). Each of the artists explores other areas of the general subject. The topic of a body and its reactiveness and receptiveness touches the intimate areas, but artists do not manifest exhibitionism. They explore rather their individuality and separateness, poetics and subtlety.

Because of the intimacy of the project, the show is not a typical group exhibition. It is rather a set of individual presentations, to enable participants to speak with their voice. There are five separate areas in the gallery space – each for another artist.

“Corporeal continuum” is a kind of visual representation of a book, prepared by its curator: Lena Wicherkiewicz. It includes works by artists analyzed in the book and fragment of essays dealing up with the project. The exhibition is based on the dialogue between picture and text, as a visual-literary continuum. The project has been supported by a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2013.

The exhibition was already presented in the Gallery 13 muz in Szczecin (1.02 – 7.03. 2014).