The Navel-string

Izabela Zolcinska, The Navel-string 2018.

Temporary site-specific installation. Technique: braiding, material: Carex vesicaria called sennegrass (Norwegian), length approximately 80 m

Kjerringøy Land Art Bienniale, Kjerringøy, Norway.

The work is dedicated to women in Polish- Norwegian family of the artist since one of them was born in Alsos (Kjerringøy). The work intends to "touch" this woman heritage, kind of "soft power" by making an aliveness bound with the landscape and a powerful nature on the Kjerringøy peninsula. The installation was invited to walk following the line. Sennegrass, the main material of a braid, was used by the Sámi people as an isolation material giving warm and keeping dry.

 01.Zolcinska Navelstring 09 photo by Dan Mariner

02.Zolcinska Navelstring 02 photo by Dan Mariner

04.Zolcinska Navelstring 02 photo by Izabela Zolcinska

05.Zolcinska Navelstring 03 photo by Dan Mariner

06.Zolcinska Navelstring 04 photo by Dan Mariner

09.Zolcinska Navelstring 03 photo by Izabela Zolcinska